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MARINA ABOUT CHARLI XCX posted an interview with Marina and the Diamonds about her friend Charli XCX

Following on from our chat with the ever enigmatic, personally, musically and of course stylistically,Charli XCX while on tour with Coldplay, we also had the opportunity to catch up with the visual and aural inferno that is Marina Lambrini Diamandis, AKA Marina and the Diamonds. Touring together with Coldplay, the pair have often been compared with each other, but at District MTV we felt that was a bit of an easy comparison. We decided to pose Marina the same questions as we had Charli, to see whether or not those easy comparisons were in fact justified. Or not. Given rare access to a pop star's dressing room, photographer Alex Demora captures Marina in a series of intimate portraits.

District MTV: How have you found touring with Charli?

Marina: We really clicked as soon as we met. I adore her, I love her music and we practically look like sisters. Its always nice, and rare, when you connect strongly with other girls in the industry.

D: Have you taken anything from Charli's performances?

M: Not too much, in that most of the time you don't get to watch a lot of other act's shows. Charlie is a very energetic performer and I'm looking forward to going to one of her own gigs.

D: Do you have a favourite outfit or look of hers?

M: I like her rubber/pvc black crop top, she has great style.

D: How different is your on stage style and your everyday style?

M: Quite different. My day-style is usually a lot less tight and with less plastic/PVC!

D: Where do you get your style inspiration?

M: From toys, dolls, romance, gothic culture. From women like Shirley Manson, Britney Spears and the inimitable Courtney Love.

D: How do the clothes you wear, or your look in general, relate to your sound?

M: Well I always see it as an extension of my sound, a bit like the 3rd dimension of my performances. Without videos and image, music and artistry is quite 2D.

D: What music icons have influenced your on stage persona?

M: Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie. Angelica from Rugrats. Madonna. I know the 1st 2 aren't musical but hey.

D: How has your on stage persona developed from the beginning of your career?

M: It's a very emphasised version of the confident, joyful and aggressive part of my personality.

D: What was your look as a teenager growing up?

M: Like a 16-year-old version of me now. Clothes were a bit cheaper and more customised, still off the wall and garish though.

D: What was your favourite outfit back then?

M: A pair of white Laredo cowboy boots that I bought off eBay from a Texan lady for $9!

D: Did you have any fashion disasters that you can remember?

M: A lot. But fashion should be a disaster.

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