Hey, Seventeen. I'm Marina and the Diamonds and I'm giving you the inside into my Beauty Bag. First off, if I'm doing a [unknown] day like today, I'll carry on hairspray you need it with big hair like this. I like [unknown] a lot so I know that she does the same things with [unknown]. Bulgari perfume, it's Black Edition and it was bought to me by a fan's Mom [unknown] play when I was flying to LA. Next off is one of my favorite product [unknown]. It's a crème blush, if you're gonna put blush on, it's always good to use the crème one because it just makes, it-- I don't know. I think it's a lot more natural than the palette look. Carmax, a girl's best friend makes your lips look bigger, the lip gloss is Estee Lauder. I don't use a lot of lip gloss but usually if I do I just put it on the pouch. And I also have a really skanky looking [unknown] Wet and Wild. I love [unknown] because they are so cheap. I'm really matte, a quite like matte lipstick. So I put this one first then I gave a [unknown] of this lipstick which is just a pale cream and it just highlight it by Beauty Island which is you kinda like-- I mean I always got them [unknown] change even. Next product is a black coal pencil by Max Factor, if my [unknown] get smudged, it's pretty much disaster. I always [unknown] I think it was like 5 months ago. I left the house without the [unknown] on my house, you know, everything else going on and I [unknown] all day but it's not real. Terrible so I always kind of, [unknown] it also get to touch up your eyebrows [unknown]. And last thing is a small hairbrush, very very small. It's very handy [unknown] and if you got a lot of hair, you'll need one of these. [unknown]. So Seventeen, thank you very much for having me on Beauty Bag, I'm Marina and the Diamonds. And I hope you enjoy this inside.






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